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7th National HR Summit ‘HumanOurce- 2023’

Keeping its promise the HumanOurce was back in GHS-IMR campus this year as ‘HumanOurce-2023’. This year’s theme was Gen-Z through the lenses of HR professionals with the objectives to comprehend with the advancement in technology and the latest innovations on in order to boost up the corporate sector and national economy as a whole

The inaugural session began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by all the dignitaries. In his welcome speech, Dr. (Prof.) Rahul Goyal, Director (GHS-IMR), said that a proactive approach we could look into the future and drive benefits from there.  Time is a witness that organizations that could anticipate the prospect could only turn the table. In the current scenario for boosting the eagerly awaited industrial growth summit theme is very relevant and will give the needed directionality in shaping the HR Strategy for the organizations.

The program began with the Plenary Session-I by Mr. Jayant Walia, Senior Consultant (ONGC), CSR/CC Office Of Union Petroleum Minister. He  gave emphasis on the  growth &  development of the Indian economy showcasing the basic values  of discipline, stress management, commitment, and focus along with a well-balanced approach to adopting ethical principles to nurture the  success in the corporate world

The next panel discussion was taken forward by Dr. Naman K. Saxena, VP Corporate HR Goldie Group. He suggested that HR holds the key to success in overcoming major challenges faced by executives with the emphasis on a multi-generational, diverse workplace, with rapidly evolving technology HR has to make a transformational change.

Post such an interactive session, the discussion was taken over by Mr. Mohit Awasthi, Senior Manager HR & Admin, Kanpur Plasticpack Ltd. who shared his experiences in working in Pan India and utilizing the latest technology for the growth of the corporate. He also enlighted the audience with the transforming role of HRs in keeping in pace with the productive and efficient workforce fulfilling organizational goals.

Followed by this, Mr. Pallav Dar, Manager HR, Ganesh Ecosphere Ltd. addressed the audience with the key emphasis on motivating the students to achieve excellence in such a competitive GenZ world & emerge as successful HRs providing a rich human resources with efficient cognitive abilities & productivity to enhance the fame of the respective industries they desire to join ahead.

The post-lunch session started with the Panel Discussion by Mr. Anurag Saxena, VP marketing, Pandit’s. He focussed on learning effective methodologies that would assist in the transition from campus life to a corporate environment along with maintaining a professional demeanor and conduct that reflects positively not only on the individual personality but on the organization in a holistic manner.

The next session was taken over by Dr. Sarbani Bhatia, Senior VP, IT Jagran Prakashan Ltd. She was well determined, and enthusiastic and was a true example of women leading in the corporate sector. Her bold & risk-taking attitude was one of the driving forces for her emerging success in life. She shared her experiences and embraced a mindset of continuous learning to keep pace with the ever-changing corporate environment

Followed by this, Mr. PK Jain, Senior General Manager, RSPL, Welfare Foundation & Namaste India addressed the audience. He put the emphasis on developing strong communication skills, both verbal and written, to effectively convey ideas and opinions along with well-focused professional networking – to build relationships with colleagues and superiors so as to gain valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

The next session was addressed by Mr. Sheshendra Bhadauria, Head HR, Superhouse Ltd.  He suggested  upon being adaptable, open to new ideas and changes, and be willing to learn from experiences along with effectively managing time  and prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines and deliver quality work

The concluding session was taken over by Mr. Arvind Singh, Project Director, UP Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. He emphasized on the latest technical implications in all the major emerging industries along with the more balanced & enthusiastic methodology to boost the Indian economy leading to more employment opportunities. He also discussed on how HR has witnessed a paradigm shift from maintaining compliance to building organizational capability.

It was an extreme pleasure for GHS-IMR to have the galaxy of intellects on this auspicious occasion of HR Summit 2023- Humanource.  We shall always be looking forward to such gatherings which not only ignited the young minds but also motivated the students to comprehend with the paths for emerging successful.