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Annual Budget Presentation and Discussion 2023

The Annual Budget Presentation and Discussion-2023 were held at GHS-IMR on 22 February 2023, with the intention of raising awareness and equipping the students to understand the Annual Budget 2023–24 and assess how it will affect the Indian economy and industry.

In the presence of Dr. Rahul Goyal (Director GHS-IMR), Dr. Shekhar Trivedi, Mr. Devendra Jaisawal, Mrs. Anmol Chopra, etc., a spectacular occasion took place. CA Govind Maheshwari and Mr. Gopal Trivedi were the guests of honor and shared fascinating insights into the budget for 2023–24, enhancing the students’ wisdom.

CA Govind Maheshwari emphasized the value of a budget for the economy and industry as well as how students can understand the annual budget. He also emphasized that budget insights are just as crucial as budget data, if not more so. He also highlighted the value of both verbal and nonverbal communication when giving presentations and how to effectively promote oneself.

CA Govind Maheshwari provides an in-depth understanding of the budget, enabling students to make presentations on such. The Mahila Samman Bachat Patra, the Savings Program, the Seniors Citizen Savings Scheme, the Eklavya Model School for Tribal Students, the 157 Nursing College, and other programmes are also highlighted by him.

At the presentation of the annual budget, groups of GHS-IMR students gave their opinions and analyses on the key macroeconomic indicators, the various sectors of the Indian economy, and the provisions and policies included in the annual budget for 2023–2024. Several criteria have been used to evaluate the student presentations. Faculty members and students fired up a barrage of inquiries at the students.

Students of GHS-IMR like Harsh Jaisawal, Himanshi Bhatia, and Khushi Rajpal Akansha Chaurasia and others delivered a summary of the discussion, viewpoints, and analyses of the day, offered their opinions on the budget 2023–24 presentations, and praised their efforts to bring the day’s events to a close.