Event Details

“Masquerade 2023”- Farewell Party Batch 2021-23

The Masquerade Farewell Party 2023 was organised by the Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management and Research for Batch 2021-23 on 29th April 2023.  As the PGDM Batch of 2022-24 prepares to bid farewell for their seniors, it is a time of mixed emotions. On one hand, there is excitement about the new opportunities that await each individual in their personal and professional lives. On the other hand, there is a sadness about leaving behind the friends, faculty, and staff who have become an integral part of their lives over the past two years.

The ceremony began with the inauguration address by Prof. (Dr.) Rahul Goyal (Director of GHS-IMR) and the lighting of a candle in honor of Saraswati. He encouraged students by saying that as we look back on the journey that brought us here, we realize how far we have come. From the nervous first days of orientation to the confident and capable undergraduates, we are today, we have grown and evolved in ways that we could not have imagined.

Following the farewell introduction, Himanshi Bhatia and Vaibhav Maheshwari perform on the programme. For the senior’s students’ farewell, junior students put on amazing musical performances, singing, dancing, and other performances. On stage, senior students performed beautifully. Talent round, games, and other competitions were held along the way to choosing Ms. and Mr. Evening 2023. Judging the winners was the most challenge due to the pupils’ outstanding performances. The most anticipated titles for the tournament were revealed towards its conclusion, Mr. and Ms. Evening was Nakul Chaudhary and Stuti Garg, and Mr. and Ms. Farewell were Ritik Nigam and Darakshan respectively. Prizes were given out to the winners by Prof. (Dr.) Rahul Goyal, Prof. Anmol Chopra, and other faculty members. Finally, Prof. (Dr.) Rahul Goyal gave a heartfelt vote of thanks, congratulated the winners, and thanked all the students who took part in the competition and served as volunteers. He likewise urged them to excel in their summer internships. Following that, everyone was welcome to the dinner and dance floor.