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  • Venue: GHS-IMR, Kanpur

Visit of Lt. Cdr. B. Aishwarya, Indian navy

GHS IMR was graced by the presence of Lt. Cdr. B. Aishwarya Indian navy. She is one of the members of the 6 women crew, who have traveled 21,600 nautical miles across the globe on a boat “Tarini”,   facing all the difficult circumstances and successfully completing the expedition, to become India’s first ever women group to circumnavigate the globe. Starting from Goa to Sydney to New Zealand to Cape Town and back to Goa, the eight-month voyage had tested their endurance.

She narrated her experience about what all she had gone through in the entire trip. She told that the experience at sea was completely different because they were the ones responsible for themselves. They had no help in the ocean where sometimes the nearest land was almost 1000 nautical miles away. “Even if there were disagreements between us, at the end of the day we all were together and the mission was ahead of us”. She also told that they celebrated their festivals at sea. They also met some difficulties near the south pacific, encountering a storm where the seas were almost nine to ten meters and the winds were picking up to 60-70 knots, which is about a hurricane force of the wind on land.

However, it has not been all smooth sailing back on land for the women. They had a tuff time getting used to being back on solid ground. The transition was difficult.  Towards the end, the queries of the students were answered by her.  She was facilitated by director Dr. Prof. Rakesh Premi who summed up the evening by saying that “the expedition of Aishwarya is a great learning of endurance teamwork instantaneous decision making and on top of that it tells us that a determinant women can achieve wonders.