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  • Venue: GHS-IMR, Kanpur

Orientation Program of PGDM Batch 2019-21

Orientation Programme of the 25th batch (2019-2021) of GHS-IMR started with the ceremonial havan which was presided over by the Director, faculty members, students of both the batches (2018-2020) and (2019-2021) and staff of GHS-IMR.

Later Chief Guest of the day Dr. Satish Kumar, Head, Department of Management Studies, MNIT, Jaipur, lit the ceremonial lamp declaring the Orientation Programme open. In his address, Dr. Satish informed the students that the corporate world is becoming more and more challenging for managers as the classical managerial jobs are evolving into technology-driven jobs.

Quoting an example he said “A major function of HR at one given time was recruitment and payroll but today this roll has been successfully taken over by IT components like Smart HR which does the same work at real-time. The role of HR is now on the finer aspects of human interaction skills. Thus, as HR students has to be proficient in IT skills as well as human skills along with data analytics skills, his knowledge base should not be limited only to HR studies but also extends to the functions of marketing, IT and systems, His message to the new batch was that “Do not study for specializations but for general skills. He also advised the students to own the skills through on-job-projects”.

In the post-lunch session, the skits by the new batch were presented. These skits were based on the renowned management book titles like: Fish, One Minute Manager, Who Moved My Cheese etc. The skit presentations was followed by a session by renowned psychologist Dr. Alok Bajpai & Dr. Anjali Tiwari, who discussed with the students the various behavioral issues which they come across during college & professional life.

On the closing of Day1, Dr. Shekhar Trivedi announced the film making topics on which the students had to make the film & submit it for evaluation on the next day.

The program was attended by all the students, staff & faculty members of GHS-IMR.

30th July, 2019:   Day 2 began with much excitement for the newly admitted students as they enjoyed being in their new lush green campus. The students assembled in the auditorium for yet another day, full of learning and excitement.

In his keynote address, the Director of the institute, Dr. (Prof.) Rakesh Premi, called upon the students to adopt a focussed and disciplined approach in life for achieving success. He urged them to foresee the coming opportunities in the burgeoning Indian economy and tap them by gaining more knowledge and developing the required skills. He also urged them to use various facilities and resources of the institute to become the industry-ready managers of international standards.

In the post-lunch session, Dr. Shekhar Trivedi witnessed the presentation of short films which were shot by student groups the previous day. They touched upon various social issues like Eve Teasing, Corruption, Article 377 and Child Labour.  

The last phase of the orientation saw management games like: Balloon War, Human Knot, Hoola-Hop Relay, Balloon Relay Train, Blow the ball, Tic-Tac-Toe and Blind Men’s Relay which saw the participation of junior students divided in two teams. ‘Balloon War’ focused upon the quick decision making and the ever-changing environment, where as ‘Human Knot’ checked on team and leadership quality, the game ‘Blind Men’s Relay’ emphasized on listening skills and team coordination. At the end team ‘Tigers’ were the overall winners of the management games.

The program was attended by all the students, staff & faculty members of GHS-IMR.