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E-Faculty Development Program

‘Corona can confine our movement but not our progress.’  This was demonstrated aptly by the successful conduct of one week E-Faculty Development Program organized by Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research. The event has seen participation of around 60 participants from six states of India and seven participants from neighbouring country Nepal. On Monday 27.04.2020 the web enabled FDP was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Premi, Director, where he welcomed the participants and also heralded the academic fraternity to rise up to the COVID19 challenge and seek out new and innovative training methods which can captivate audience in new mode of virtual learning. The inaugural address was made by Mr. Kapilesh Assistant Vice President (Learning and Development at RSPL Limited) where he talked about some of his experience on online training and the tools that he is using. Later the program coordinator Dr. Monika Srivastava introduced the participants. The day ended with the Panel Discussion on the topic ‘Understanding Students Psychology in Technological Era’, where the panellists were- Dr. Madhurima Pradhan, Head Psychology Department, Lucknow University, Dr. Dr. Kiran  Lata Dangwal, Additional Dean Academics, Lucknow University, and Dr. Shekhar Trivedi, Professor GHSIMR. The Panel was moderated by Prof. Monika Srivastava, the program Coordinator.

The Day 2 of the FDP  was taken by Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Premi, Director GHSIMR who threw light on evolution of Bloom’s Taxonomy over the years and then its practical implementation in the evaluation process.

Dr. Monika Srivastava discussed the innovative methods of teaching on day 3. She explained the meticulous use of Role play, Case study and Storytelling in capturing the attention of the audience. Her cases and examples were brief and to the point, bringing out the intricacies involved in training.

Day 4 had seen sessions by Dr. Shekhar Trivedi who had brought in the concept of Business Game development to enhance understanding of a concept. He explained the understanding and opening up of a situation for designing the game, leading to brainstorming on conceptualization of the game, and then creating a framework for the Game.

On 5th day Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal, Additional Dean Academics, Lucknow University, talked about  development of content and resources, in post COVID19 called e-Content and e-Resources for Effective Teaching and Learning.

The program had seen active participation from all participants not only during the webinar but also as e-assignments which were to be completed and submitted by them by end of every session. Dr. Monika Srivastava said in her closing remarks that the level of participation shown by the participants and the response and enthusiasm shown by them has determined her to organize more of such events.

In the feedback session by participants, Dr. Shreya from DDN Bhole College Maharashtra, Dr. Manjula Singh from Business Management department of MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareily expressed their thankfulness for the knowledge on contemporary  topics.  Dr. Akhilesh from Uttarakhand Technical University and  Dr. Pooja Kumari  from L. N. M. U Darbhanga, Bihar said that this program kept them purposefully engaged during the lockdown period. Participants from Integral Univeristy, Lucknow University, Kanpur University, PPN College, Maharishi University of Information Technology Lucknow expressed their contentment with the program content and delivery. Ms. Anjana Lamichhane and Ms. Pratima Shrestha form Novel Academy Pokhara said that the program was equally relevant to them though they are teaching Nursing subjects. Dr. Devesh from UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University and Dr. Nimish Gupta from Amity University were very appreciative for the maiden efforts made by GHS-IMR for swiftly reciprocating to the need of hour.

Professor Monika Srivastava program Coordinator of E-FDP informed that the successful participants will be provided,  E-Certificate in a ceremony on 9th of May 2020 .