Faculty Detail


PGCAPR-MICA, Ahmedabad
Certification in 'Hospitality Management' from Cornell University, USA
Certification in 'Marketing in Digital World' from University of Illinois, USA


Teaching Experience 22 Years
Industry Experience 1.5 Years


Marketing Communication
Digital Marketing


Dr. Shekhar Trivedi excels in Marketing Elective courses especially in Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing and other Marketing Communication areas. He is an expert in developing multi-media case studies and games and is known for his innovative teaching methodologies. He has authored a Business Novel titled ‘Target Busters’ based on the experiences of the Salespersons. 

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Book Reviews
  • Linton, Ian, Building Customer Loyalty, University Press, Management Review, IIM-B Journal, Jan-June, 2001.
  • Gupta, D., Management Mantra, PHI, Management Review, IIM-B Journal, July-Dec.,2001
Current Research Work
  • India’s Personality as a Nation among U.S. Citizens
  • Subliminal Perception – In search of Threshold
  • Measuring ‘Consumer Irritation Index’ for different Marketing Stimuli in India
Instructional Tools
  • Developed four business games/multimedia teaching aids and films
  • Intellisales - Real time online business game based on selling skills
  • India’s World Cup Fiasco – a multimedia case study on Team and Motivation (for demo video visit the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFMMdNEVic4 )
  • Mall-O-Mania – Fundamentals involved in establishing a Mall (for demo video visit the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MIuYybaONw)
  • Campbell Shirt Co. – A simulation on problem of Infringement and Undercutting in Sales
  • Developed a film on rural market – Baghpur, a feeder village
  • Developed a film on rural market – Gauri, a satellite village
  • Attended one-month FDP at XLRI, Jamshedpur (1998)
  • Attended a four-day programme on CRM at MDI, Gurgaon(2001)
  • Organised & conducted the training programme for Thermodynamics Pvt. Ltd. Sep., 2004 
  • Organised workshop on ‘Production of Print Ads’ in association with advertising agency Hakuhodo Percept,  Jan., 2005
  • Organised workshop on ‘Advertising- A 360° Approach’ in association with advertising agency JWT, Feb., 2006
  • Attended 1 day workshop on ‘Using Cases in B-Schools’ conducted by Prof. Om Gupta of University of Houston, USA, August 2010
  • Attended 1 day workshop on ‘Self Management Learning’ conducted by Prof. Hugo Gaggiotti of Bristol Business School, University of West of England, Sep., 2010
  • Attended 3 day workshop on SPSS conducted by Prof. Jack Reardon of Hamline University and Dr. Prithvi Yadav, June 2011
  • Organised International Conference on ‘Global Business Horizon – Challenges and Opportunities’ in association with GBMF USA, Feb., 2011 under the capacity of Co-chair
  • Attended 4 day workshop on ‘SPSS’ by IBM CEBT, June 2012
  • Organised International Conference on ‘Best of Breed Practices in Changing Global Business Environment’, Dec., 2012
  • Conducted workshop on ‘Designing through CorelDraw’ for PGDM students, Dec., 2012
  • Conducted workshop on ‘Development of Facebook Apps for Marketing’, Mar., 2013 for management students in Kanpur
  • Conducted workshop on ‘Youtube Trueview Ads and Adwords Remarketing Ads ’, Feb., 2013 for management students in Kanpur.