The Brand fiasco

Brand Morgue is the sub-event of the BrandCraft 2018 organized by GHS-IMR, Kanpur. It's a conference of students which aims at elucidating the frailty of the success of Brand Launches so that they learn the nuances and come out to be wiser. 

Brand Morgue

The idea of Brand Morgue has been conceived to learn from the failures of those dead brands in a unique event, that will showcase the fiasco of the one's which went into oblivion.

The Brand Morgue has been created at GHS-IMR where the participating students would be contributing by the way of 'tell-tale' on a particular brand of their choice.

What can possibly kill a brand? Why is it that during the initial few years of its launch, a brand literally becomes the talk of the town and is flaunting itself on most billboards of the cities... then all of a sudden, it loses its charm and there are least chances of it being found in even the remotest of the shops?

What happened to the pagers which once were a status symbol? And the buff built Ambassador Cars, which were seen running on roads? Have you heard any news from BPL televisions since years? Looks like they all vanished into thin air! And what more? You didn't even realize!

The point is, there are many reasons why the above brands failed. Some even tried to make a comeback, only a few succeeded, but a large number of them still weren't able to make their way into the minds of the consumers. Brand Morgue will explore for the reasons.

All about Participation
  • Students from any college/institution must create a team of 3. Multiple teams can participate from the same institution.
  • They must choose a brand which has failed and is no more in the market.
  • Team may collect matter through secondary sources.
  • Thereafter, the teams have to create an interesting PowerPoint presentation of 8-10 slides describing the causes of the failure of the chosen brand.

Along with the presentation, the teams must also submit the actual pack of the product or alternatively take out a very fine print out of the pack/photo of the product (within 6” x 6” size). Forward this photo in advance at so that we can make it display ready for the day, for you.

Prizes and Certificates

There shall be 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes for the presentations to student groups from a different institution. Certificates would be given to all the participating students.

Important dates
  • Communicate us the brand chosen by you - 25th January 2018
  • Send us the soft copy of the high-resolution picture of the brand
  • chosen by you and the 150 words write-up - 30th January 2018
  • Please send us the ppt of the same - 5th February 2018
  • Presentation Date - 10th February 2018

Time: 2:30 pm   Venue: GHS-IMR Campus, Kanpur

For participation to Brand Morgue, Contact:

Sakshi Gupta             (Phone No. 9580004434)

Khyati Kannodia       (Phone No.8858519853)

Email Id:

GHS-IMR, Kamla Nagar, Kanpur 208005 Ph: +91 512 2219071

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