Criterion 2- Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

2.1 Student Enrollment & Profile 
2.1.1 Average percentage of students from other States and Countries Students Enrolled in 2016
Student Enrolled in 2015
Student Enrolled in 2014
2.2  Catering to Student Diversity
2.2.1 Learning levels of the students, after admission and organizes special programs for advanced learners and slow learners Time Tables from 2013 to 2017
2.2.2 Student - Full time teacher ratio  List of Faculty Members 2017-18
2.3 Teaching Learning Process
2.3.1 Student centric methods and problem solving methodologies Field Exercises
Management Games
Student Term Projects
2.3.2 Teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS) & E-learning resources DELNET
2.3.3 Ratio of Students to mentor per academic and stress related issues Counseling Cell & Office Bearers
Mentor-Mentee Allotment list 2013-2018
2.3.4 Preparation and adherence to Academic Calendar and Teaching Plan Academic Calendar 2015-2018
Academic Calendar 2013-2014
Teaching Plan
 2.4 Teacher Profile & Quality
2.4.1 Average percentage of full time teacher against sanction post List of faculty members 2017-18
2.5 Evaluation process and reform
2.5.4 4 Positive impact of reforms on the examination procedures and processes including IT integration and continuous internal assessment on the examination management system Question Paper New Format
Question Paper old Format
2.5.5 Status of automation of Examination division along with approved Examination Manual ERP Campus Solution & Examination Manual
 2.6 Student Performance and Learning Outcomes
2.6.1 Programme outcomes, Programme specific outcomes and course outcomes offered by the institution. Course Outcome of all Courses
2.6.2 Attainment of program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution Course outlines
PDP Calendar
Placement Report 2017-2018
Roles & Respons. of Institute events
2.6.3 Average pass percentage of students Institute annual report 2017-18