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To mark the 75th commemoration of India’s ‘tryst with fate’ on fifteenth August 2022, Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management and Research commended Independence Day to re-experience the soul of positive energy and to respect the brilliant past of our country. Students, faculty, and staff gather together in the morning and participate in the National flag hoisting ceremony and cultural events. With due respect towards our Nation, everyone participates in the National Anthem. The festival started with the flag hoisting ceremony by honorable director sir Dr. Rahul Goyal in appearance of faculty, staff members, and students. After the National Anthem, which brought the excited energy up in the gathering, the event forged ahead with some cultural programs at the college auditorium. From that point on Dr. Rahul Goyal conveyed significantly prodding talk and regarded the long and dependable undertakings put in by the Indian political protesters for the country, he also recalled the freedom struggle and addressed the importance of democracy and freedom. It raises patriotic dedication in the crowd. Students are made to remember the importance of patriotism and the sacrifices of our nation. The cultural program starts with the singing of students who remember to respect the glorious past of our country. Students enabled the day by tapping their feet on the Bollywood beats that made the group happy on being connected with the presence in India. A Bhangra execution in like manner helped people with recollecting about the compelling artwork that is symbolic to Punjab’s lifestyle. The power of the lively tunes played by the students persuaded the group to ring in with the miracles of our country. A play was played by “National Integrity” which makes everyone’s eyes teary.From there on Dr. Shekhar Trivedi conveyed a highly motivated speech  and remembered the long and steady endeavors put in by the Indian political dissidents for the country. The college saw this memorable day with energy and restored the vow of being loyal youngsters to this country. The college saw this eminent day with energy and revived the commitment of committed children to this country. Students, faculties, and staff members share this moment of remembrance and happiness during Independence day at GHS-IMR.