One of the major objectives of Summer Internship Projects is to enable students to transfer their knowledge gained in classrooms to the workplace as well as to familiarize students with the complexities of the corporate world first hand. The process for pursuing summer internship which is to be undertaken at the end of the first year is more or less identical to the final placement process. Apart from availing of the opportunities to do internship in companies through the campus process, students also have the freedom to choose companies on their own. The process usually begins in November each year. The prescribed Summer Internship period is six to eight weeks from May to June every year. Each student is allotted under a GHS-IMR faculty for receiving guidelines during internship. We understand that an excellent summer project report would be a passport to a dream job.


This event takes place during the Summer Internship process. The internship tenure offers an ideal opportunity for the company to evaluate the caliber and suitability of the student for placement. If the company is convinced about the value addition that the student brings to the company, it may offer a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) of employment to the student after the completion of the course. Alternately, the company may make a special note to earmark high performing students when they eventually come to the campus for placement. Many GHS-IMR students have benefited under both of the above approaches by companies.