International Tour

In a world called as Global Village, High speed inter-connectivity and fast-changing corporate efficiency, budding business leaders and entrepreneurs need International Exposure as a basic necessity to have a hand on experience about the practical working of multi-national companies. How start-ups turned into MNC or TNC, what is there idea of Total Quality Management, Corporate Ethics and responsible investment, everything will be opened layer-by-layer, when we facilitate our students to Participation in an International Study tour enables students to build their personal and social competence and intercultural understanding, including language skills and thorough understanding of cross-cultural diversity. GHS-IMR is the only college in Uttar Pradesh that provide International Study tour experience to their students for the openness in decision making in a much more wider perspective.


At GHS-IMR, we are committed to allow our students dual Industrial experience at National as well as international industry for nurturing their minds to the best. Since 2015, every year we are arranging this international exposure facility for the student batch, to learn, groom and develop an international perspective about the working of Multi-national and Trans-National companies.


Different Student batches of our college had already explored the International plants like IKEA, Lenovo, Shanghai Electricals, Coca-cola and others at World’s metro cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Singapore, London, Sharjah etc.


Some of the International Cities Visited by Our Students

London, UK


Sharjah, UAE

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China

Dubai, UAE

Advantages of International Study Tour
  • Get global Exposure.
  • Groom yourself as a professional leader.
  • Inculcate with the International Managerial practices.
  • Upskill with the corporate arena.
  • Unbox the strategic diversity in Business.
  • Assess business opportunities with your perspectives.
  • Real-Time exposure of Global Technology.
  • Analyze world’s best Managerial tactics to handle global operations.
  • Delve into the secrets of Global to create Vocal.