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GHS-IMR coordinated a plant visit for Batch (2022-2024) on 10 September 2022 to Goldiee Group’s Noodles Plant at Mandhana. Goldiee Noodles Plant is a part of Goldiee Group’s diversification into the processed food business. “One” noodles’ was launched by Goldiee Group in the year 2014. The principal thought of the industrial facility visit to the Goldiee One noodles plant was to see the best Quality Product, Hygiene, and Cleanliness practices followed by the organization. Goldiee Noodles Plant is creating noodles with the assistance of imported state-of-the-art machinery and a certain part of the process is managed by the laborer. A noteworthy area is ladies working at the manufacturing plant from the connecting rural areas. Through this drive, the organization attempts to energize ladies’ empowerment programs. The production line visit offered the students a chance to see the different processes in Goldiee Noodles Plant.

Mr. Amit Bajpai and the other staff members gave helpful information. It’s unbelievable to see good practices occurring in a processing plant that is arranged in Kanpur. The production line utilizes the most recent innovation.

The interaction which is trailed by Goldiee contains the accompanying advances:-

(Blend Chamber->Aging Machine->Steaming Chamber->Cooling process->Cutting and Folding->Fryer – >Cooling Chamber->Metal Detector and C.P.P. Checker->Seasoning – >Packaging)

This process was explained by Mr. Shriram, Plant Head, Mr Amit Bajpai, Quality Manager, and their colleagues. The best thing about the Goldiee Noodles Plant is that every single specialist has legitimate information about the plant. After the visit, a story about the organization’s vision and mission was displayed alongside Mr. Shriram( Plant Head) and Mr. Amit Bajpai (Quality Manager) It showed the foundation of Goldiee Group and how the business developed. Eventually, Certificates and goody sacks were given to the students by the Goldiee authorities, and for the Institute Mr. MK Singh extended a generous statement of gratitude.