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PGDM students of batch 2017-19 of GHS-IMR experienced a 12 days Study-cum-Industrial Tour to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from October 21st, 2018 to November 1st, 2018. The Westford Education Group (UK/UAE) hosted the cohort of 56 students and 2 faculties from GHS-IMR in the 12 days long International tour. The said tour was coordinated by Dr. Shekhar Trivedi and Dr. Bhagwan Jagwani (Professors at GHS-IMR). They were later joined by Director, GHS-IMR, Dr. (Prof.) Rakesh Premi. The tour included visits to Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

GHS-IMR has been conducting international tours to various places so that students not only get an international exposure but also understand the historical, cultural, social, geo-political and economic aspects of these regions vis-à-vis world trade.

The UAE tour was an ideal blend of sessions conducted by eminent faculty experts at the Westford University campus, Expert lectures by industry leaders, Industrial and Leisure Visits and Placement Drives. Students were able to experience the rich campus life and also got an exclusive opportunity to interact with faculties and students of different nationalities.

The Expert lectures and interactive sessions were conducted by trainers with Academic and Industry expertise. The series had sessions on topics like ‘Creativity in the workplace’, ‘Strategic Management and Leadership’, ‘Communicating to win’, Finance Management’, ‘21st Century Leadership’, etc. apart from Management Role play sessions and Experiential learning workshops. Students also got a chance to interact with Mr. Omar Yaghmour, the COO and Co-founder of Fetchr, an innovative technology driven Courier Service Company based in Dubai that is transforming the traditional way of sending and receiving packages. Mr. Omar explained how his company is disrupting courier companies by eliminating the need for a physical address which does not exist in emerging markets. His company solves the unpredictability of package delivery in the UAE and Middle East because of the absence of a formal street address system. The company uses the GPS for location based pickup and delivery with their patented apps. He also motivated students to adopt the entrepreneurial path and follow their passion.

The highlight of the tour was an international certification programme in ‘Strategic Management and Leadership’ from Pearson, UK. All the 56 students successfully completed the certification programme. The objective of this programme was achieving professional excellence through lifelong learning. The certification programme commenced on October 22nd, 2018 and concluded on October 31st, 2018. All 56 students were awarded certificates during the certification award ceremony in the presence of Westford officials, Director and accompanying Faculties of GHS-IMR. For their outstanding performances, 10 students also received merit certificates apart from the programme completion certificates.

Apart from this, students got the opportunity to visit companies like PepsiCo and Delta Printing Press in Dubai. During the visit to PepsiCo, students learnt the process of manufacturing and packaging of Foods and Beverages and how the pull market is controlled. Delta Printing Press, the flagship arm of the Delta Group, is a FOGRA certified multi-award winning enterprise that provides a wide spectrum of printing and allied services and is headquartered in Dubai. Students enriched their knowledge by observing the processes followed in an automated printing press. Students also made a visit to the Sustainable City, the first net Zero energy development in the emirate of Dubai. The development includes 500 villas, 89 apartments and other outlets for food and beverage, retail, healthcare facilities and a nursery.

Students also made a visit to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the world’s most sustainable eco-city. Through smart investments, Masdar City is successfully pioneering a “greenprint” for how cities can accommodate rapid urbanization and dramatically reduce energy, water and waste. The city combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology. Students observed how the city uses clean energy generated on site from roof-top solar technology, which is also one of the largest photovoltaic installations in the Middle East.

Culture brings great understanding of the life and customs of geography. The students also had the opportunity to have an enrapturing and sublime experience in the leisure visits to Desert Safari, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach (Dubai); London Souq, Gold Souq, Majaz Water Front, Qasba (Sharjah), and Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

During the said tour, interested students also got an opportunity to seek international placement opportunities in the UAE through recruitment drives conducted by Fujairah Holdings and Westford Education Group. Two students were successful to be offered employment opportunity by the Westford Education Group in Sharjah.

Students also witnessed an International Book Fair on October 31st, 2018 organized in Sharjah.

Quoting one of the students on her feedback after the international tour – “This tour has given me global exposure on various fronts. I stand benefited at the end of this tour with this elaborate exposure and an international certification too! I will relish this experience forever in my life. “

Overall, the international study-cum-industrial tour was an experiential learning and allowed students to explore new avenues, territories, cultures and people.