Our Founders




The J.K. Organization founded over 100 years ago, is among India's top Industrial Houses with assets exceeding US $ 1.6 billion. The Group has extensive operations in India and abroad, employing over 50,000 people.

The Group’s operations can best be characterized as multi-business, multi-product and multi­location with head office in New Delhi, the Capital of India. The Group has a distinguished record of being pioneers in introducing several new products and processes into India for the first time. It comprises of a number of industrial and commercial companies, exceeding 70 in number, most of them public limited, in which J.K. Organization has controlling interest ranging from 35% to 70%. In the major public limited companies, there are a large number of public shareholders aggregating over 8,00,000. J.K. Organization has achieved a number of important technological break-through and has an impressive record of Firsts in India, prominent among them being:

  • 1944 First in India to produce Aluminum Virgin Metal from Indian Bauxite.
  • 1949 First in India to manufacture Steel Engineering Fields.
  • 1969 First to manufacture Acrylic Fibers in India.
  • 1973 J.K. Organization was nationalized.
  • 1977 First to produce Steel Belted Radial Tyres for passenger cars, trucks and buses in India.
  • 1980 First in the World to make Steel Belted Radial Tyres for 3 Wheelers.
  • 1984 First to produce White cement in India using dry processed technology. 
Products & Services:

J.K. Organization has very diversified manufacturing activities such as Synthetic Fibers like: Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Paper & Boards, Cement, Automobile Tyres & Tubes, Cotton, Woolen and Jute Textiles, Engineering, Plastic Processing, Agrochemicals, Hybrid Seeds, Cosmetics, Audio & Video magnetic tapes, Power transmission including V-Belts and Conveyor Beltings, Automotive Belts, Oil Seals,  System Engineering, Industrial, Electronics and  Material handling systems etc.

The Group is further diversifying in other fields like Petrochemicals, Steel, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Food & Dairy Products, Electronics, Computer Software, Power generation, Rubber hoses, etc. The Group exports number of products including Jute Textiles, Woolen Textiles, Readymade Garments, Engineering Files, Tyres and Tubes, Synthetic Fibers, Paper, Marine products, Spices etc.